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Paintless Dent Repair Like it was never there.

Get affordable and quick repair solutions for hail damage in Colorado Springs with our Paintless Dent Repair. Call us to today to schedule a free repair estimate.

Colorado Springs Paintless Dent Repair

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Hail and dent repair experts with over twenty years of experience providing cost-effective paintless dent repair services in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Crystle Mcguinnes circling hail damages that need repairing on a car in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The team at Diamond Hail and Dent working on removing dents from a car using paintless dent repair techniques.

Diamond Hail and Dent Services

Pulling out a dent on a car in Colorado Springs, Colorado, using advanced Paintless Dent Repair techniques.

Hail Damage Repair

Remove hail damages and restore your car back to its original shape.

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Trusted Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in Colorado Springs for hail damage, dents and dings. Non-destructive methods, no painting/filling, cost-effective and convenient. Contact us for high-quality service.

Paintless Dent Repair

Advanced technique to repair hail damages, dents, and dings.

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Diamond Hail and Dent technician applying Paint Protection Film on a SUV in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Paint Protection Film

Premium self-healing Paint Protection Films with hydrophobic properties.

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A Diamond Hail and Dent glass technician repairing a crack on the front windshield of a car in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Windshield Repair

Windshield repairs ensure that you and your car stay safe on the road.

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Diamond Hail and Dent glass technician replacing windshield on a car in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Windshield Replacement

Replace broken and severely damaged windows with OEM window panels.

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Diamond Hail and Dent technician applying ceramic window tint to a car in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Window Tint

Protect your cars interior and reduce UV rays in style with ceramic window tint.

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Why our Customers Prefer us

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"Krystal and Curtis were great to work with. Dropped off vehicle for a few dents to be removed and they did a great job. They went above and beyond and even gave a ride home and then delivered the car back. Highly recommended.”

Marcus Valone

Five star review icons.

"I just picked up my Jeep from Diamond Hail and Dent. They did an amazing job! I truly appreciated the text updates and excellent customer service. Thank you!”

Lisa Sinnott

Five star review icons.

"Absolutely amazing, doing the job and creating a real friendship. You cannot do better. Can't say enough."

Eric Grubb

Our team

Meet Our team of experts

Curtis Smith is the Lead Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Technician and Partner at Diamond Hail and Dent in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Curtis Smith

Lead PDR Technician / Partner

Crystle Mcguinness is the owner of Diamond Hail and Dent Hail and Dent Repair in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Crystle Mcguinness

Owner / Partner

James Baca is a Paintless Dent Repair Technician at Diamond Hail and Dent of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

James Baca

PDR Technician


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